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Chris Peterson

I'm currently working at Funciona as a UX/ UI designer.  I’ve worked on international projects from the USA, Spain and Dubai including Duffy’s, Cabify, Nintendo, BBVA, Codere and Samsung.  I also do freelance work looking to partner with startups and existing UX/UI teams. 

No matter who I'm working for, there is always the grand vision of creating strategically sound products that are both memorable & usable for my clients & users alike.

I feed off high energy collaboration and never stop exploring!
As a lifelong learner, I love going to meetups in my city and learning online & in person from other designers. Bedtime always includes reading MyBridge app for the latest news in Design.

WINNER of the Ironhack UX/ UI Design hackshow: April, 2017

Successful Crowdfunder. Founder and event organizer for Sofa Underground (a micro-festival for the arts in homes in 8 different cities in 5 countries).

Born in Portland and now residing in Brussels, Sacramento, Barcelona, Los Angeles, MADRID. In my spare time I’m writing music, planning a trip to see the world or spending time with friends and my wife Gloria.

Access my Resume here: chrispeterson_resume

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